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Legal Entity Management  

Streamline Your Corporate Governance

Enable simple oversight and governance of complex organizations when using Scanmarket's Legal Entity Management Software

Scanmarket is trusted by businesses across the globe

Reduce the Complexity of Your Legal Information 

Easy-to-use Legal Entity Management software.

The legalities behind dealing with corporate management, shares, voting rights and stakeholder information means companies are forced to spend a lot of time and resources on complicated, inefficient and inaccurate manual processes. 

Scanmarket's legal entity management software removes that burden by streamlining these processes.

Corporate Management
Control organizational structures, signature rights, operating account and more, all in one easy-to-use system. 
Have clear oversight of all subsidiaries, directors, leadership teams, tax returns and more... 
Shares & Voting
Clearly see all share volumes, their value, any transfers and those with voting rights.

Straightforward Corporate Housekeeping

Legal Entity Management Software helps you manage your regulatory and statutory responsibilities.

Scanmarket provides a shared repository that enables you to keep track of all details relating to your corporate ownership, directors and key management teams within the various entities across your organization.

With Seamless Integration

Integrate with what you know and already use.

Scanmarket integrates seamlessly with leading technology solutions to create an effortless experience for the end user.

... and Fantastic Legal Entity Management Efficiencies

Manage all stakeholders and their supporting documents with our easy-to-use corporate entity management software.
Roles & Permissions
Restrict access or views to sensitive information through our configurable access control interface.
Tracking & Notifications
Set and track milestones events and receive notifications from event triggers such as tax submissions, corporate filings and registrations, regulatory submissions and more.
We use the latest encryption technologies to secure your data. For hosted solutions you are able to select the exact server location to meet your legislative and jurisdictional data requirements.
Visualize your Organization
Quickly visualize your company's structure through our interactive dashboards.
Ongoing Support
We pride ourselves on our after-sales support where you will have access to our Quick Call support 24/5 and a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help you increase adoption and usage of the software.

500+ Happy Customers

Scanmarket's software is built to make S2C management as simple as it should be.

But don't just take our word for it 

Holcim achieved legal entity management across a global organization, providing:

  • Transparent overview of Holcim legal structures and ownership.
  • Best-in-class support from Scanmarket (previously Symfact) during implementation and post-implementation.
  • Very user-friendly tool & powerful access controls.


“At Home Trust, we are now in year one of post-procurement digital transformation, and we are extremely pleased with how it is working out at this point. Scanmarket was an integral part of our journey, and we are happy with our partnership.”

Sanja Cancar-Todorovic, Head of Enterprise Procurement, Outsourcing, and Vendor Management at Home Trust

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Frequently Asked Questions

What efficiencies are associated with the use of your solution?

There are several Legal Entity Management efficiencies associated with the use of Scanmarket's solution. Here are a few of them.  

  • Single Repository - A single repository for all corporate data and documentation, including a historical record of key corporate members.
  • Authority Rights - Register for control and authority rights, documenting the organizational relantionship between entities. 
  • Visibility - Gain visibility into litigation and contract activities.

Where can your solution be deployed?

Scanmarket's Legal Entity Management solution may be deployed on-premise or externally hosted.

How can I visualize my company's data?

Scanmarket intuitive user interface allows:

  • Multi-dimensional graphical views of the corporate structure to present economic and legal values.
  • Configurability of data fields and screens to suit your set to business rules, conditions, or presentation needs.
  • Clear oversight of key business stakeholders (company directors, boards members, auditors, attorneys and more) and theirs critical data. 


Which type of support do you provide?

We provide 24/5 Quick Call support for your internal users. 

Quick Call support is not like your typical support desk. With Scanmarket, you have direct access to our global team of expert source-to-contract consultants who can resolve your issues rapidly. We often hear from our customers that Scanmarket's Quick Call support is the best in the industry.

Quick Call support is available to customers, and other stakeholders. 85% of Quick Calls are answered in less than a minute, and 95% are answered within five minutes.