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Vendor Management Software
Scanmarket Features & Benefits


Centralize and Automate Supplier Management

Centralize Supplier Information and Performance Management

Expedite the decision-making process by tracking and accessing supplier performance in one centralized location ensuring your colleagues will have full access to supplier data across the business.
Scanmarket’s Supplier Risk & Performance Management software is equipped to distribute questionnaires that can be linked to sourcing events. Use scorecards and instant KPI tracking and reporting to elevate your entire buying function.

Configurable Supplier Repository

Use the simple drag-and-drop feature to configure the columns you’d like to see and save your own pre-filtered views, customize names of the views, and favorite the ones more frequently used. Filter and search on every meta-data field to find the suppliers you are looking for, and use the Excel import/export to mass update information.

Instant Dashboards and Reports

Pre-configured dashboards provide useful analytics and KPIs, and the powerful search and filter functionality allows you to easily generate the analytics you need. Run reports containing 100s of supplier records, including all main supplier data, questionnaire responses, scoring, documents etc.
Save your specific configurations to easily access your most used dashboards or reports.

Simplify Supplier Management

Keeping supplier data up to date is of equal interest to you and your suppliers, so why not simply make it a collaborative effort?
Invite your suppliers to register through the supplier portal to enter and maintain their own data, accreditations, and certifications, reducing your supplier management workload by up to 65%.
Your suppliers will benefit significantly, as they will only need to provide the information once for all RFI/RFPs, and your colleagues will be able to access the same supplier data across the globe through the centralized database.

Supplier Onboarding Process (Buyer’s Perspective)

The software offers an easy way to onboard and pre-vet potential suppliers at an early stage of the process, and stores all supplier communication, notes, documents etc.

Supplier Onboarding Process (Supplier’s Perspective)

The software provides an easy way to initiate contact to the buyer organization and to build up their own profile. It provides quick and easy access to all events, contract and projects they have participated in, and stores all communication, notes, documents, notifications etc.

Address Compliance Requirements and Maintain Data Through Automation

Centralize all supplier data and minimize unnecessary manual work through controlled and automated category-specific supplier onboarding. Reduce the risk of non-compliance within the supply chain by ensuring supplier information is current and automatically updated and flagged in the event of noncompliance. Suppliers and buyers will receive automated notifications of upcoming expiration dates on key documents.

Suppliers Maintain Their Own Profiles

The supplier profiles contain detailed information about each vendor, and suppliers will automatically be prompted by email to upload a new document 30 days before the expiry date. Automatic reminders will continue until a new document has been uploaded and all changes are tracked and logged.

Supplier Scorecards

Assign relevant questionnaire or KPI sections to each supplier with automatic calculations of scores per section, allowing for a comparison of suppliers.

Sections can be defined as internal enabling you and your stakeholders to capture performance and relevant KPI’s.

Scanmarket a Leader in Procurement Management

Scanmarket was recognized as a leader in the 2023 Strategic Sourcing Data Quadrant report from SoftwareReviews - for the 3rd year running.

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