To successfully conduct price negotiations with suppliers, you need to ensure that you are making apples-to-ap¬ples comparisons, manage simultaneous discussions, and provide all suppliers with the same information. eAuctions are an excellent tool for managing the most complex and challenging negotiations in a dynamic, real-time manner.

With Scanmarket eAuctions you get:

  • Multiple auction types including Japanese, Dutch, Reverse, Factored, Forward and others
  • Numerous, configurable bidding rules to match the event to the situation including individual starting prices, feedback options, blindfolding, proxy bidding, rank, traffic lights, staggering, blind period, reserve price indicator, partial quantity bidding and many more
  • Unique login link for suppliers, reducing support requirements
  • Flexible services to support execution, design, strategy and volume
  • Instant Quick Call support available to buyers, stakeholders and suppliers
  • 21 languages
  • Intuitive user interface that requires no formal training

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"The tools are proving to be very successful, and simple to use. Scanmarket takes a ‘can do’ approach, and provides first class support."
— Barry Wilmer, Purchase Systems Development Manager at Nissan