Identifying, evaluating and selecting new vendors can be an arduous, time consuming endeavor...but it doesn't have to be. 

Scanmarket eRFx makes it easy to quickly solicit, evaluate and select your suppliers (both incumbents and prospective ones) to help you find the best partners to drive your business forward.

With Scanmarket eRFx, you get:

  • Multiple formats for RFI/RFP/RFQ including Cherry-Picking, List, Cherry-Lot, Bid Matrix and others
  • Numerous evaluation settings including bid parameters, scoring, and stakeholder input
  • BidMatrix allows collection of up to 1 million data points
  • Templates and Question Library to reduce development times and improve compliance
  • Excel integration for offline creation and participation
  • Dashboard reporting across organization
  • Unique login link for suppliers, reducing support requirements
  • Flexible services to support execution, design, strategy and volume
  • Instant Quick Call support available to buyers, stakeholders and suppliers
  • 21 languages
  • Intuitive user interface that requires no formal training

Want to learn more? Read our 5 tips for achieving more with your eRFx tool.  

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"If I had conducted the sourcing process as a traditional face-to-face negotiation, I would have spent at least 3 months on the whole process. With the Scanmarket platform I have managed to complete the same process in less than 3 weeks!"
— Jeppe K. Pedersen, Category Manager at Grundfos A/S, Strategic Purchase