As your strategic sourcing program grows, it can become increasingly difficult to keep all the projects organized and on track.  It’s a good problem to have.  However, there comes a day where you can no longer track activity, status, responsibilities, dependencies, approvals and savings via a spreadsheet.

That is where Scanmarket’s Project Management can help:

  • Single cloud-based repository for all projects, notes and attachments
  • Dashboard view of all projects – including those not managed through the eSourcing platform
  • Workflow management for tasks for all stakeholders and contract participants
  • Storing notes, attachments and all project-related materials
  • Integration of Supply Base Management, eRFx, eAuction and Contract Management processes

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"In Group Sourcing we use Project Management for Sourcing Projects. It has been paramount for us to use this Project Management Approach in order to ensure we cover risks and have proper stakeholder alignment."
— Patrick Jonsson, Manager of Sourcing and Business Strategy at DT Group