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At Scanmarket, we have more than 20 years experience in the eAuction space, dating back to our early days of running food auctions in Scandinavia. This has provided us unparalleled data, intelligence and insight into the eAuction space. As a result of this experience (and our fabulous customer base of expert eAuction users) we have collected extensive intelligence on eAuction statistics and trends. 

Each quarter, we share this intelligence with our customers highlighting trends on categories, strategies and auction formats. This information is useful for informing eAuction pipelines and identifying opportunities that otherwise might be overlooked. We invite you to use this information in your own program. 

Q2 eAuction Statistics Report

17.99% Average Savings for All Categories in Q2 2020

Download the full report to a further breakdown of categories and see which two new categories made it into the top 10 list for average savings.
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Scanmarket eAuction Statistics Q2 2020

eAuction Statistics Highlights

At Scanmarket we are passionate about eAuction statistics. Every quarter we release our latest eAuction statistics and trends. The findings are based on events run through our system, across multiple industries and are the only ones of their kind in the Source-to-Contract space.

The statistics are not only highly engaging for buyers, but are also very informative  and helpful if you are preparing to execute an eAuction. 

Throughout the past twenty years we have accumulated this data and below are some statistical highlights from all eAuctions which have run through Scanmarket over the last decade.

We have seen average savings across all eAuction types of 11,10%
Adding one supplier to your event results in additional average savings of 1,1%
The average participation rate on eAuction events is 82,58%
The average time of an eAuction is 44,6 minutes

The savings achievable through eAuctions are generally high, but depend on the right strategy and format chosen for the event.  
We distinguish between two types of eAuctions: Reverse
 and Step Auctions.

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