Moving to Scanmarket - Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’ve run into challenges with your current source-to-contract software platform. What matters most is making sure your organization is well positioned to make a switch.

2021 Supply Chain Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Survey

Gartner and ASCM surveyed North American and European supply chain organizations on priorities, and drilled down on racial/ethnic representation and actions to attract, develop, engage and advance people of color. Download the report to uncover key findings.

2020 Global eAuction Index

We have gathered so much data on global eAuction usage patterns that we decided to give it a name – The 2020 Global eAuction Index (GEI). The Index covers insights into global savings, volume, geographic distribution, category performance and more. 

2021 Strategic Sourcing Data Quadrant Report

Download the 2021 Strategic Sourcing Data Quadrant Report to find the most detailed and authentic insights into the experience of evaluating and purchasing enterprise software. 

Best-of-Breed Procurement Technology: The CPO Perspective

Once the decision has been made to select a Best-of-Breed approach, how do you drive user-adoption,
deal with having to manage multiple suppliers and ensure that the tool meets your requirements?

Senior VP & CPO Frank Mckay of Jabil, and VP of Procurement Clément Duquerroy of Accor share their experiences and insights.

Advanced Spend Analytics Playbook

In this playbook, we examine the uses and potential benefits of spend-analytics tools, how to go about choosing the optimal technology solution, when to choose a stand-alone solution versus an entire procurement-management technology suite, and best practices in implementing spend-analytics technology.

Reverse vs. Dutch vs. Japanese

There are other eAuction formats than standard Reverse. Choosing the right eAuction format is entirely dependent on the market conditions you are facing in the category under consideration.

This whitepaper will help you choose the right eAuction format for your project - every time. 


How to Overcome 5 Key Challenges Procurement Leaders Face in a Crisis Using S2C Technology

In the age of social distancing, software solutions for business have become more important than ever. As procurement leaders struggle with securing supply chains, it falls on them to minimize the impact of disruption and protect business continuity. In order to safeguard operations and control costs, procurement leaders must maintain reliable delivery of products and services. That means it is procurement’s time to shine.

This whitepaper addresses 5 key challenges procurement leaders face during crisis and how to overcome them

10 Steps To Get Most Value From Your eSourcing Efforts

A Tactical Guide to Ensure Your eSourcing Efforts Create the Most Value For Your Business. As we are slowly adapting to the ‘new normal’ most procurement practitioners have come to realize the benefits of technology and the results it can bring when used correctly. Given recent developments your company might find itself in need of engaging with new suppliers or engaging differently with existing suppliers and stakeholders. This can easily be achieved with the right eSourcing Technology in place.

But as with any technology, how you use it matters as much as whether you use it. Here is a tactical guide with 10 Steps to ensure you get most value from your eRFx efforts.

Sourcing: The Do’s and Don’ts of Digitalization

Whether it’s called AI, Big Data, Analytics, or Digitalization, the procurement world is currently abuzz about all things data. And increased data means increased complexity, potential and digitalization. 

This whitepaper drills down to explore digitalization within the sourcing arena specifically, the expected benefits and the do’s and the don’ts when embarking upon the digitalization journey