Anti Virus software - we all need it, but only few have auctioned it!


  • Having eAuctioned thousands of different categories and with tens of thousands of eAuctions under the belt, going as far back as 1999, we are not easily impressed when it comes to achieving savings through eAuctions
  • However, the result of this eAuction simply blew our imagination
  • Our client had consolidated his demand of anti-virus software and needed 8,200 licenses 


  • As the company had grown through several acquisitions, 5 different suppliers were used and all 5 were of course invited to bid for the order
  • The company had clearly stated that they were looking for a "winner takes all" supplier, so all 5 suppliers were highly motivated to take part


  • Even though the spread from highest to lowest pre eAuction quote was huge, the eAuction itself was very dynamic - one supplier submitted 100 bids, another 74 bids
  • There were 24 extra time extensions. The software re-sellers ceased their bidding pretty quickly, but the software providers themselves were keeping the eAuction going and created the bidding dynamics
  • The eAuction ended with a 50% saving from lowest pre eAuction quote!! That was indeed impressive - even for someone who has followed eAuctions since the '90s!