CherryLot™ Auction on Beer Metal Kegs - The easiest 4,000,000 EURO you have ever saved!


  • Our client - a large International Brewery - ran a traditional CherryLot™ Auction for the purchase & lease of metal kegs and other brewing equipment. A selection of 18 different products was included in the eAuction with the aim of awarding a 1-year contract to the supplier with the best overall price per category.
  • In order to increase the attractiveness of the order, a centralized purchasing strategy was used, by summing-up volumes from 8 different countries (subsidiaries).


  • A selection of 6 suppliers were invited to participate in the eAuction
  • A mock auction was ran prior to the live event. During this period the suppliers were able to log on to the system at their own discretion, place bids and utilize the Quick Call functionality for technical support
  • During the eAuction the Messaging functionality was used to communicate with the suppliers and increase bidding activity
  • Stakeholders from the different subsidiaries were also invited to follow the auction
  • Not all suppliers could bid on all product categories
  • Scattered price structure on individual products



  • 590 bids were placed during the eAuction
  • The eAuction lasted 130 minutes (including 37 extensions of 2 minutes each)
  • Euro 4,122,550 were saved (23.3% average savings across the various categories)