Migrating thousands of contracts and files. Made Easy.


  • European energy and raw materials company was not getting enough usage from its existing strategic sourcing platform
  • Concerns existed about effort required to switch platforms and whether internal resources to manage
  • However, need for an easier and more user-friendly solution remained if company was to meet future goals


  • Company migrated to Scanmarket for eRFX, Contract Management, Supplier Management and eAuctions
  • Scanmarket consultancy services assisted in configuration and data migration efforts, reducing resource requirements at the customer


  • Over 2 weeks, company was able to:
    • Upload more than 3,500 contracts
    • Upload and attach ~21k files related to contracts
    • Upload data on more than 6,500 suppliers to contact archive in Scanmarket
  • Above all, user feedback on new platform has been overwhelmingly positive