Get Ready for the Winter’s First Snow with eAuctions!


  • Large European Retailer needed to establish a new 1-year contract on Road salt supply for their shops
  • Suppliers were requested to bid for larger bags of salt (5, 10 and 25 Kilos)
  • First step was an eRFx where 9 suppliers were invited to provide company information and initial quotes


  • Four suppliers qualified via eRFX and were invited to the eAuction
  • Retailer looking for the best price for the total order so a List Auction was chosen and suppliers were required to compete for the total amount rather than individual line items
  • Traffic light system was enabled to indicate their position, both on the total and per line


  • Two of the invited bidders were particularly competitive
  • eAuction lasted 39 minutes including 12 time extensions
  • Total savings achieved in relation to current pricing: 35,15%