There Are Always Great Savings in Office Supplies


  • A large global company, was looking to purchase various Office supplies for different European countries  and US, Canada & Australia
  • Spend EUR 500,000 per eAuction
  • Office supplies for locations across Europe
  • 3 suppliers were invited to the eAuction
  • Various Office supplies to be purchased for 16 different countries in Europe + US, Canada & Australia
  • Buyer was looking for the absolute best price


  • Suppliers were requested to pre-quote prior to the eAuctions
  • Pre-quotations were entered as individual starting prices in the eAuctions
  • To simplify the auction set-up, the buyer choose to group the office supplies in larger baskets and have suppliers quote a total per basket
  • 3 eAuctions in total were held, divided on continents and countries:
    • Two eAuctions for Europe and one for US/Canada/Australia
    • One country per product line
    • A Cherry Picking Auction was chosen because the supplier was looking for the absolute best price per country



  • All three eAuctions were very competitive with lots of bidding activity from all of the participating suppliers
  • eAuction 1:
    207 bids received in 50 minutes
    Total average savings of 15.27 %
    EUR 89,045 savings identified
  • eAuction 2:
    209 bids received in 54 minutes
    Total average savings of 31.34 %
    EUR 169,655 savings identified
  • eAuction 3:
    50 bids received in 42 minutes
    Total average savings of 23.84 %
    EUR 113,773 savings identified