Scanmarket knows what makes eSourcing successful. So can you

Implementing an eSourcing platform doesn’t generate positive results. Using it does.

Scanmarket has a 20-year history of providing advanced eSourcing tools with the right kind of support and ease-of-use to get real business results. On average, customers see a 300% increase in volume and savings in their eSourcing program when they switch to Scanmarket.

Avoiding pitfalls is key

With Account Management Plus, we have consolidated the best practices in eSourcing program management we’ve learned over our twenty years into a single, comprehensive approach that will give your organization the best probability of avoiding eSourcing pitfalls such as:

  • Lack of adoption
  • Missed targets
  • Inadequate training
  • Poor visibility and reporting
  • Persistent myths
  • Siloed usage
  • And others…

A proven framework for ensuring eSourcing success

Under the Account Management Plus framework, each stakeholder has a defined role, clear metrics, and full support to get where they need to go. Management and executive sponsors get constant reporting and periodic “health checks” to monitor progress and identify areas that need help. The key elements of Account Management Plus include:

  • Selecting the Customer side eSourcing Driving Team
  • The Success Team will work with Scanmarket’s dedicated Account Management Plus Team to drive results together
  • Together defining tier 1, 2 and 3 objectives and challenges within the eSourcing, CM and SM remit
  • Define KPIs and targets feeding into the wider Procurement & Business targets
  • Create Success Project Plan with monthly/quarterly milestones
  • The Success Project Plan roll-out
  • Customer and Scanmarket Drive results together
  • Monitoring of performance against KPIs and targets with recommendations from Scanmarket where performance slips

It Takes a Combination to be Successful

This approach, combined with networking, consulting services, webinars and other external support structures, will provide any organization, regardless of its eSourcing experience and expertise, with the tools needed to make sure the program is a success.  

"Account Management plus provides an air-tight, best-practice, partnership approach to maximizing ROI for eSourcing programs."

After all, implementation is just the beginning. 

Learn more about Project Based Learning with Scanmarket here.

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