Are you hesitant to run your own eSourcing events?

Scanmarket can support buyers in the execution of their eSourcing events to the extent required by the individual buyer. Some buyers might need support throughout the process, others might just want the RFx “sanity-checked” before issuing it and others might only need advice in relation to the right eAuction strategy. Whatever your need, Scanmarket’s consultants can support, and the hours will just be deducted from an overall consultancy package.


Supplier Training Packages

Proper supplier training is simultaneously crucial to event success and time-consuming.  Scanmarket has created supplier training packages where we will take care of all supplier training for single events, groups of projects or an entire eSourcing program. This approach allows buyer users to focus their efforts on eAuction strategy, creation and monitoring.  Scanmarket makes sure that all supplier trainings are conducted professionally. The trainings are typically one-to-one trainings conducted over the phone.

A man contemplating Scanmarket's supplier training

Comfortable with eSourcing but looking for expert help to develop a framework for a new category?

Expanding the usage of eSourcing to new or unfamiliar categories/areas can be a challenge, and require in-depth knowledge about the eSourcing system and processes. Let Scanmarket bring this expertise to the table, and collaborate with the category manager to develop a sustainable framework for the usage of eSourcing within the area. The combination of in-depth category knowledge and eSourcing system and process knowledge allows for a Best-in-Class framework that can be used with confidence in all future eSourcing events.

Consultancy Package

A Consultancy Package is a package of 25/50/100 hours, which can be utilized by the users whenever the need arises. That way buyers can move from a Fully Managed approach to a Self-Managed approach without being left completely on their own.  This increases the usage of the system, as the buyer feels more comfortable with running their own eSourcing events. In addition, it also steepens the buyer’s learning curve, as they avoid making the classic errors that can follow the usage of any new process or system.

A Scanmarket consultant and a buyer discussing eSourcing events

Scanmarket is as an easy-to-use and easy-to-implement platform and Scanmarket’s consultants are helpful and really easy to get in touch with, thanks to their Quick Call functionality!