eSourcing Workshops

Scanmarket is hosting eSourcing workshops on a regular basis for anyone who is about to start or already are using an eSourcing solution and wants to learn how to effectively plan and conduct eSourcing events. In our workshops you will get a thorough introduction into Scanmarket's eSourcing platform, gain extensive knowledge of the decisive factors for achieving success with eSourcing and delivering great results for your business.

What are the challenges?

There are few limitations when it comes to the kinds of products and services that can be negotiated via eSourcing. Your challenge as a buyer is to choose the right event set-up and the most suitable event strategy to achieve maximum savings and the optimum solution for your business. Concurrently you should be able to specify the product/service to ensure that you are comparing apples with apples. Typical questions that need clarification in the initial phase are: Is the spend attractive for my suppliers? Is there competition in the market? Are my products/services clearly specified?

In addition, you must also learn how to use a new system and transfer your current procurement processes and knowledge to ensure that eSourcing becomes an important part of your role.

Have a look at our eAuction Strategy Seminar where main focus is process and strategy.

Aarhus, Denmark (on-site)

Helsinki, Finland (on-site)

London, United Kingdom (on-site)

Atlanta GA, US

Price per day: 395 EUR / 349 GBP / 2950 DKK / 495 USD

Price for two days: 599 EUR / 549 GBP / 4495 DKK / 750 USD

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What will you achieve from the workshops?


At Scanmarket's eSourcing workshops you will receive thorough training, so you too can become an expert in using eSourcing and benefit even more from your eSourcing solution.


A thorough introduction to Scanmarket's eSourcing platform


Knowledge about the considerations you should make before conducting an eSourcing event and the factors that come into play


Specific advice and recommendations on how to choose the right event set-up and the most suitable event strategy


Knowledge on how to prepare and motivate your suppliers to participate in eSourcing events


Best practice in terms of monitoring eSourcing events and communicating with suppliers during events


Overview of categories and event examples that have been conducted via Scanmarket's eSourcing platform

Practical information

The workshops are for people to whom eSourcing is a new area or for those who simply need to refresh their eSourcing knowledge.

The agenda is structured to include a mixture of presentations, exercises and practical sessions - to enable you to practice the new skills you have learnt throughout the day.

The workshops are managed by our experienced eSourcing consultants and will be held in English.

Please note! You must bring a laptop with wireless Internet access, email access and have the latest version of Internet Explorer or Firefox installed. Scanmarket provides tea/coffee, fruit and lunch both days, but does not cover any expenses for travel and accommodation.

Cancellation policy: A workshop delegate is permitted to cancel participation at no charge providing more than 3 weeks notice is given. If a delegate cancels 1-3 weeks prior to the workshop date, 50% of the workshop fee will be charged. The full fee will be charged if less than 1 weeks notice is given.

Scanmarket reserves the right to cancel a workshop up to 4 weeks prior to the beginning of the scheduled workshop session for any reason. When a workshop is cancelled, candidates will be notified immediately and will receive a complete refund of all workshop fees. If, for any reason, Scanmarket cancel a workshop or if the workshop is full, Scanmarket is not responsible for expenses incurred beyond the enrolment fees.


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