Upcoming dates

Duration of each webinar: 1 hour
All Wednesday webinars are hosted twice to suit global markets: 10am CEST or 1pm EDT.
We also offer our webinars in Spanish.
Price: The webinars are free of charge

Webinar 1: RFx Introduction & RFQ Creation

August 18, 2021
September 22, 2021
October 27, 2021

Webinar 1: Introducción a RFX y creación de solicitudes de presupuesto (Spanish)

18 de agosto 2021
22 de septiembre 2021
27 de octubre 2021

Webinar 2: RFx Creation & Advanced Functionalities

August 25th 2021
September 29th 2021
November 3rd 2021

Webinar 2: Creación de RFX y Funcionalidades Avanzadas (Spanish)

25 de agosto 2021
29 de septiembre 2021
3 de noviembre 2021

Webinar 3: BidMatrix & Excel Creation and Bidding

September 1st 2021
October 6th 2021
November 10th 2021

Webinar 3: BidMatrix, Creación en Excel y Ofertas (Spanish)

1 de septiembre 2021
6 de octubre 2021
10 de noviembre 2021

Webinar 4: eAuction Introduction and Types

August 4th 2021

Webinar 4: Introducción y Tipos de Subastas (Spanish)

04 de agosto 2021

Webinar 5: eAuction Strategy

August 11th 2021

Spanish Webinar 5: Estrategia de Subastas (Spanish)

11 de agosto 2021

eSourcing Webinar Wednesdays

Scanmarket is hosting a new series of eSourcing Webinars each Wednesday for anyone who wants to learn how to effectively plan and conduct eSourcing events. In our Webinar Wednesdays series, you will get a thorough introduction to Scanmarket's eSourcing platform, gain insight to the decisive factors for achieving success with eSourcing and deliver great results for your business.

The eSourcing Webinar Wednesdays consist of the following sessions. We recommend users to participate in all five sessions in order:

1. RFx Introduction & RFQ Creation
2. RFx Creation & Advanced Functionalities
3. BidMatrix & Excel Creation and Bidding
4. eAuction Introduction and Types
5. eAuction Strategy

Two people smiling as they talk at a workshop

About Webinars

RFx Introduction & RFQ Creation

The goal for this webinar is to get you ready to create, execute, monitor and finalize an RFQ including:

  1. Introduction to the overall capabilities within the RFx module including the different RFx & RFQ types and formats
  2. Familiarize the participant with the platform interface and learn the tips and tricks in relation to navigation

RFx Creation & Advanced Functionalities

The goal for this webinar is to introduce the RFx module on the Scanmarket platform including use of advanced functionalities. The participant will also learn best practices such as:

  1. How to increase the participation rate
  2. How to run a multiround & multistep project in one RFx
  3. How to get suppliers to indicate their intent to participate
  4. How to handle incomplete responses and late replies

BidMatrix & Excel Creation and Bidding

The goals for this webinar are to get you familiar with how to use Excel in the Scanmarket platform for event creation and bidding as well as the BidMatrix. This session includes:

  1. Introduction to the Excel creation and bidding functionality which dramatically increases efficiency in more complex RFx’s
  2. Becoming familiar with the RFx BidMatrix type including creation options, strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Tips and tricks related to Excel creation/bidding and BidMatrix

eAuction Introduction and Types

The goal for this webinar is to understand the many possibilities of eAuctions and get you ready to setup eAuctions in the system. You will become familiar with two overall eAuction types Reverse and Step auctions and learn:

  1. How each of the eAuctions work
  2. How to transfer an RFQ into an eAuction
  3. How to setup an eAuction from scratch

You will also see the eAuctions from the suppliers’ perspective and see how they participate. The session offers best practice advise that includes:

  1. How to increase the participate rate
  2. How to run the eAuction on Total Cost of Ownership
  3. How to run an eAuction with multiple currencies

eAuction Strategy

The goal for this webinar is to familiarize yourself with eAuction strategy and Scanmarket’s six-step eAuction process which will ensure best practice preparation and increase the chance of successful eAuctions. Each of the six steps will be explained in detail along with best practices. After the Webinar, you will have a better understanding of the activities necessary to consider, evaluate and execute a successful eAuction. The six steps are:

Step 1 – Suitability analysis
Step 2 – Format and strategy selection
Step 3 – eAuction creation
Step 4 – Supplier training
Step 5 – Live eAuction
Step 6 – eAuction evaluation