Integration for full P2P

Easy integration between platforms

In order for your eSourcing efforts to create real value, the savings you generate in your projects need to manifest themselves in actual purchasing. To do this, you need your negotiated agreements to make it into your P2P system. The best way to do that, especially once you’ve ramped up your eSourcing volumes, is through integration between systems.

Integration was once a major issue when selecting and implementing an eSourcing platform. Fortunately for everyone, the solution and infrastructure capabilities have improved to the point that the integration between solutions, platforms and ERPs is significantly easier and cheaper than in past years.

Our advice for customers is to:

  • Take advantage of the many pre-built integration interfaces and tools which Scanmarket has
  • Focus first on adoption, then integration
  • Understand your options, constraints and costs for integration prior to making a selection
  • Keep the integration efforts targeted to those areas that are “need to have” rather than “nice to have”

The goal for any integration is to make things more efficient and effective. Make sure your efforts are supporting the end goal of the team, namely driving value for the business.

Scanmarket supports the most common integration protocols using webservices and has integration capabilities for all major ERP and P2P platforms.

Best of all, Scanmarket’s eSourcing platform comes with built-in integration between Spend Analytics, Supplier Assessment, Supplier Identification, Sourcing, and Contract Management. This eSourcing platform has been successfully integrated with all the market-leading P2P platforms.


Best-of-breed integration

Avoid cumbersome full-suite integration packages by utilizing Scanmarket’s best of breed and agile APIs to cherry-pick the data and information you need.

Completely customize your integration with seamless dataflow for solutions such as ERP, eSourcing, Contract Management, Risk Management, DocuSign and P2P. 

Skip the prepackage deal and opt for a customized solution.

"Scanmarket’s ability to integrate with our own in-house eProcurement platform means we have a more transparent, streamlined system which will benefit both our clients and our suppliers, through increased clarity on decision making and the timelines behind our sourcing programmes. The implementation of the system has been seamless and we’ve received some great bespoke support”