Strategic Sourcing Cycle

Automate your Strategic Sourcing process. At Scanmarket we are a Strategic Sourcing specialist covering the entire upstream procurement process of setting your sources of supply from start to finish.

Strategic Sourcing is not procurement. While the terms can sometimes be confused, Strategic Sourcing is a unique discipline with unique needs.

Along the way, there’s a lot to manage. You need to:

  • Spend Analytics – Know what you’re spending and with whom
  • Project Management – Keep everything organized and on track
  • eRFx – Get qualitative and quantitative information from your bidders and make sense of the answers
  • eAuction – Negotiate the best pricing from qualified bidders
  • Contract Management – Have a single repository to organize all your commitments
  • Supply Base Management – Keep all the information about your business partners, continuously updated and accurate
Scanmarket is here to help you do just that! Select a module below to learn more:
Scanmarket Strategic Sourcing Cycle

Our solutions make strategic sourcing easy

Find, evaluate & select the best vendors to drive savings, increase value & manage risk

Identifying, evaluating and selecting new vendors can be a time consuming endeavor but it shouldn’t be.

Scanmarket eRFx makes it easy to quickly investigate, evaluate and select your suppliers to help you find the best partners to drive your business forward.

Scanmarket is the world leader in helping you use eAuctions to get the true market price

To successfully conduct price negotiations with suppliers, you need to ensure that you are making apples-to-apples comparisons, managing simultaneous discussions, and providing all suppliers with the same information to create a level playing field.  

eAuctions are an excellent tool for managing the most complex and challenging negotiations in a dynamic, real-time manner.

A single, comprehensive solution for your supplier relationships

Most large organizations have tens of thousands of suppliers. It is imperative to collect, organize, maintain and share information about these suppliers to manage the risk in your supply chain.  Equally important is to empower suppliers to maintain their own information including contacts, qualifications and certifications (where you choose) so that the information used by your buyers stays current.  

Scanmarket’s Supply Base Management solution provides a single, comprehensive solution for your supplier relationships.

Get a true picture of your spend

Enterprise-wide visibility and spend analysis is the key first step to achieving long term value in strategic sourcing. Unfortunately, many sourcing executives are constrained by dispersed, unclassified data across too many disparate systems to facilitate good decision-making and drive bottom-line improvements.

Scanmarket's Spend Analysis solution can help gather spend data from all your systems into a single repository.

Organize and track all your projects in one place

As your strategic sourcing program grows, it can become increasingly difficult to keep all your efforts organized and on track. Too much activity is a good problem to have. But there comes a day when you can no longer track activity, status, responsibilities, dependencies, due dates, approvals and results in a spreadsheet. 

That’s when you need Scanmarket Project Management.

Get all your contracts together in one place

Good Contract Management is essential for procurement success. Scanmarket makes it easy to consolidate all of your agreements and commitments, collaborate with stakeholders, monitor, approve & follow up on contracts. All in one single repository that can be accessed by users worldwide anywhere, any time.

Best of all, Scanmarket Contract Management isn’t just about creating efficiency.

Watch Scanmarket at a glance

Want to better understand Scanmarket's platform and how it can help you? Check out this short video for an overview of our solutions and what strategic sourcing can do for you.



While each of our modules has a specific role, they all work together to make your life easier. All modules have core capabilities including:
Audit trail

Audit trail

Full transparency, accountability & visibility for all participants

Full integration between modules

Full integration between modules

All data moves automatically from one module to the next

Full Excel integration

Full Excel integration

Your stakeholders are most comfortable with Excel? We make it easy for them

Quick Call support 24/5

Quick Call support 24/5

Real-time access to eSourcing experts for you, your team & business partners

Advanced reporting

Advanced reporting

Everything you need to know is at your fingertips

Multi-language options

Multi-language options

The best language support in the industry

“Scanmarket has provided Scandlines with a platform on which we can build Sourcing 2.0. By increasing transparency, cost efficiency and stakeholder satisfaction, we are digitizing sourcing processes and thereby maximizing output from each sourcing event.”


Buyers Key Objectives

You have a lot of competing priorities. You need an organized approach to meet your goals. Scanmarket can help with all of them.

Drive down supplier cost icon
Drive down supplier cost
Increase visibility & control of spend icon
Increase visibility & control of spend
Reduce operational costs icon
Reduce operational costs
Get contracts under control icon
Get contracts under control
Improve audibility icon
Improve audibility
Increase competition among suppliers icon
Increase competition among suppliers
Standardize processes & increase internal compliance icon
Standardize processes & increase internal compliance
Increase percentage of spend under management icon
Increase percentage of spend under management
Increase supplier compliance, on-boarding, approval & registration icon
Increase supplier compliance, on-boarding, approval & registration

"Scanmarket is one of few Strategic Sourcing Solution providers capable of delivering innovative yet user-friendly quality technology, combined with solid execution, support & services."