Contract Management

Get all your contracts together in one place

Good Contract Management is essential for procurement success. Scanmarket makes it easy to consolidate all of your agreements and commitments, collaborate with stakeholders, monitor, approve & follow up on contracts. All in one single repository that can be accessed by users worldwide anywhere, any time.

Best of all, Scanmarket Contract Management isn’t just about creating efficiency. It also supports Risk Management by giving you a centralized view into your commitments. And direct savings by identifying price discrepancies across commitments.
Why Contract Management really matters
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Automated and Paperless Contracting

A good contract repository starts with control and visibility. Contract Management with Scanmarket makes contracts easy to find, fast to create and easy to manage. Find out more in the video here:

Contract Management

Key Benefits

Contracts are probably the most important assets in your organization to document commitments, maximize opportunities, minimize risk and achieve compliance. Contract Management with Scanmarket makes contracts easy to find, fast to create and easy to manage. All stakeholders from procurement to legal to sales can easily get access to real-time contract data that provides the visibility and insights they need to make important decisions. 

Contract Repository – control starts with visibility:

Simply knowing where and how to find contracts is the first step to good Contract Management. Contracts are stored against configurable templates making sure you can track your contracts based on the right information – making it easier to plan your sourcing pipeline.

Visibility is ensured through:

• A 360° dashboard view with powerful search, filter and reporting • Full audit visibility of any changes • Automatic notifications to manage expiry and renewals

Contract Authoring & Redlining – simplifies writing and negotiating contracts.

Structured contract authoring gets everyone on the same page using the same approved clauses and templates. Advanced contract redlining with internal and external counter-parties enables you to easily manage new and renegotiated contracts. Scanmarket provides you with: • Clause libraries with pre-approved clauses for standardizing contract language • Template libraries with standard documents for unified contract authoring • Redlining and approval workflows so nothing gets lost in users email boxes or on their computers • Audit trail and version management to keep the history in a central place


Improved visibility and control of all company contracts and commitments


Streamline internal approval processes


Ensure relevant employees access to contract history – anytime, anywhere


Notify contract owner of contracts that need attention or renewal


Full control of contract versions and full audit trail of changes


Single online repository for all contracts

With Scanmarket Contract Management, you get

Key Features

"Scanmarket Contract Management has enabled Marston's to focus key resources on what's important to our business rather than waste time on administration"

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