Enable a true partnership with your suppliers through transparent processes, where you can focus on innovative solutions to your sourcing problems

Scanmarket’s eAuction helps procurement professionals negotiate with more suppliers using an efficient and structured process that removes the need for time-consuming individual discussions, delivers process and negotiation transparency, and reduces final price through increased supplier competition.
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Based on Customer Reviews

Scanmarket a Leader in Auction Management

eAuction Receives Gold

Scanmarket is proud to be ranked 1st in Auction Management and eAuction Functionality for the eAuction product - receiving an 88% satisfaction score compared with a category average of 79%, purely based on reviews from existing customers.

Scanmarket was recognized as a leader in the 2021 Strategic Sourcing Data Quadrant report from SoftwareReviews.
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Obtain savings in time and money

Scanmarket Electronic Auctions as Part of Your Daily Operations

Want to better understand electronic Auctions?

Watch as our CCO explains the benefits of utilizing eAuctions to facilitate your negotiation process.

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With Scanmarket eAuction, you get

Key Features

Scanmarket's intuitive user interface is designed to be easy for everyone from neophyte to expert user. The system is so easy that most users don't need training until they get to some of the most advanced functions.

Making the system easy to use addresses one of the most serious issues for any eSourcing platform; how to make sure that the system actually gets used. No matter how much functionality a system has, it doesn't generate any value unless it gets used on real projects.

Users can configure their own interface to set it up in a manner that best suits how they work.

Multiple auction types including Japanese, Dutch, Reverse, Factored, Forward and others

Unique login's specific to each event or project provide multiple benefits.

  1. Some of your stakeholders may not be frequent users of the system. By providing a unique login, the stakeholder does not have to keep track of system login's for your system in addition to their own and those of their other trading partners.
  2. Login assistance in systems without unique login's like Scanmarket constitute the vast majority of I/T support requests. Decreasing this support requirement enables your team to spend more of their time moving projects forward.
  3. Unique login's allow you to more closely monitor participation in your events.
Flexible services to support execution, design, strategy and volume

Quick Call is a Scanmarket-unique service that enables all stakeholders (buyers, bidders, etc.) to get immediate access to trained eSourcing consultants. When you are building or, more importantly, running a project, it's imperative that you get the answers you need, when you need them.

  • Every page on the Scanmarket platform has an easy-to-find Quick Call field
  • Users simply enter their phone number
  • Scanmarket consultants around the world constantly monitor the Quick Call system and return the calls immediately. 90 percent of calls are returned within five minutes.
  • Unlike typical Tier 1 IT support, Scanmarket Quick Call is staffed by seasoned eSourcing experts
Detailed audit log tracking all actions – ready for filtering and print

...including individual starting prices, feedback options, proxy bidding, rank, staggering, reserve price indicator, partial quantity bidding and many more.

Comparing solutions

How Our Strategic Sourcing Software Compares

We know it.  You’re looking for the best strategic sourcing platform for your business, and it requires careful consideration – and a lot of knowledge of who you chose to partner with.  

We’re trying to make it easy for you to make that decision.  Please take a look at some of the sources we would use ourselves if we had to choose a new strategic sourcing vendor for our next adventure.

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Key Benefits



Cost savings averaging 12% across categories



Efficiency gains of up to 60%

Market intelligence

Market intelligence

Get the true, current market price for the commodities you need



Communicate and negotiate with multiple partners & suppliers simultaneously



Negotiation support to guarantee success

Configuration options

Configuration options

Endless options to fit every negotiation scenario

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