Find, evaluate & select the best vendors to drive savings, increase value & manage risk

Identifying, evaluating and selecting new vendors can be a time consuming endeavor but it shouldn’t be.
Scanmarket eRFx makes it easy to quickly investigate, evaluate and select your suppliers to help you find the best partners to drive your business forward. From data heavy Bid Matrix events to quick “3 bids and a buy”, Scanmarket eRFx helps you get your sourcing projects done better and faster.
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Key Benefits of eRFx Software

Collecting information about suppliers' capabilities and inabilities can be an tedious and extensive exercise if carried out manually. Using an online RFx module will help you streamline the process, create transparency, and let you reach out to significantly more suppliers than in the traditional manual process.

The more knowledge you gain about your suppliers, their capabilities and inabilities the more capable you will be when time comes to select the right suppliers for further negotiation on terms and price.

In short - increased knowledge will maximize your control of the sourcing process and increase your negotiation leverage in the end.

The main advantages of using eRFx software are highlighted in the icons  below. All of these relate back to the overall purpose - Cost reduction.

Manage Risk

Know for sure that you are doing business with thoroughly vetted suppliers

Analyze & Document Supplier Choice

Turn data into information and ensure data accessibly for better decisions making

Save Time

Reduce cycle times by 50% by use of shared templates and increase efficiency

Drive Savings

Scanmarket projects average 14% savings, even from the beginning

Organize & Process Improve

Easily create, find, edit and re-use events and templates while using a structure


Easily share documents and templates with stakeholders across units & geography

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"If I had conducted the sourcing process as a traditional face-to-face negotiation, I would have spent at least 3 months on the whole process. With the Scanmarket platform I have managed to complete the same process in less than 3 weeks!"