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As your strategic sourcing program grows, it can become increasingly difficult to keep all your efforts organized and on track. Too much activity is a good problem to have. But there comes a day when you can no longer track activity, status, responsibilities, dependencies, due dates, approvals and results in a spreadsheet. 

That’s when you need Scanmarket Project Management.
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Key Features

Moving all project data to an online system will ensure easy access for all current and future employees.

Having a dashboard view of all projects gives transparency for project managers and top management alike. Having a complete overview of all projects, allows the user to see  projects across all processes or take a deep-dive into one specific process. The module not is limited to eSourcing or procurement projects only, but can be utilized for any type of project.

Find the exact project(s) you are looking for via advanced search, filtering and reporting. Whether you are a project manager or project stakeholder you can use the numerous search and filter options such as deadlines, status, criticality, spend and/or savings potential or resource requirement to find exactly what is needed. At any stage of the search it is possible to export all data to Excel, and continue the drill-down in a fully editable Excel report.

The task area gives the project manager the opportunity to manage all tasks related to the project by assigning individual tasks to the correct project member and set up a deadline. The task responsible can manage individual tasks on the project but nothing else. If a task has exceeded a deadline this will be highlighted in the system, allowing the project manager to easily keep track of progress.

The project template contains a wide variety of standard data areas such as project metadata, supplier information, notes, tasks, documents and links, project-team lists and references to other modules. However, the template can be completed customized to each company's specific preferences, allowing you to decide what is important for projects within each process. You can also set up extensive checklists on the individual projects, to guide the project manager with a list of activities and potential template attachments. This will ensure that the project manager knows exactly what to do at each step of the project.

Having all project data stored in one central repository makes data transfer easy across employees and helps ensure knowledge retention. 

The project management module is fully integrated with other Scanmarket modules. Easily create an RFx or eAuction directly from a project, for example, when the project reaches a Supplier Qualification or Supplier Negotiation step. Links will be created between the different modules to ensure easy navigation with the project being the stepping stone between the modules. When adding suppliers to the project, you will have direct access to the SBM module, and be able to link the supplier profile in SBM to the project. When finalizing a project in the contract implementation step, you can create the contract directly from the project, and ensure links between all modules from start to finish in the Source-to-Contract process.

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Project Management

Key Benefits



Higher project throughput and reduced cycle times



Better visibility into project status



Single repository for all project tasks and information



Quick approvals, workflow and structured processes



Notification of upcoming deadlines and delays



Better compliance with established processes, templates and procedures

"In Group sourcing we use Project Management for sourcing projects. It has been paramount for us to use this project management approach in order to ensure we cover risks and have proper stakeholder alignment."

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