Supply Base Management

Update your supplier portfolio and control performance through strategic use of supplier surveys and candidate information.

Scanmarket’s Supply Base Management enables procurement professionals to maintain a strategic overview of supplier selection, compliance, and portfolio, by reducing time spent on supplier identification, onboarding, and profile scoring through automation of all supplier engagements and increased savings due to improved supplier competition and faster response time.
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Based on Customer Reviews

Scanmarket a Leader in Procurement Management

Scanmarket gets a Gold Medal

Scanmarket is proud to be ranked 1st in Procurement Management - receiving an 86% satisfaction score compared with a category average of 79%, purely based on reviews from existing customers.

Scanmarket was recognized as a leader in the 2021 Strategic Sourcing Data Quadrant report from SoftwareReviews.
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"Scanmarket has provided excellent support, experience and expertise."

With Scanmarket Supply Base Management, you get

Key Features

The Scanmarket SBM module offers one system to handle all supplier data, multiple questionnaires depending on categories, segments, risk factors and more.

You have one supplier pool including the information necessary to assess if a supplier should be included in upcoming events. Use the supplier score-tracking for better visibility, to reduce tender workload (80% of the generic supplier information is tracked via SBM), to easily get access to updated information and to ensure proactive supplier management rather than reactive. The module provides transparency for all buyers using the same supplier.

With the SBM module you no longer have to chase suppliers for data updates. All suppliers receive their own login, allowing them to push up-to-date information, reducing your need to send manual requests for information. The suppliers are responsible for their own data. They can update their certificates directly under their profile, and receive automated expiry reminders.

Let suppliers easily submit their registration to your database via the supplier self-registration feature. This allows you to place a link on your company's website for interested suppliers, or issue a link to send via email. The feature includes an efficient screening process in three steps:

      1. Basic information
      2. Verify email (extra security)
      3. Complete registration questionnaires

Automated notifications let the relevant users know once a new supplier has registered. The automated onboarding process helps you to easily review the company information and questionnaire data submitted by the supplier. If scoring is enabled in questionnaire this will further help ease the review of new suppliers by enabling score thresholds. Once a new supplier has been reviewed simply click 'Accept' to transfer to the database, or click 'Reject' and this supplier will not be transferred.

The automated onboarding process is time efficient and require fewer people involved in the initial screening and offers a professional approach towards suppliers.

With SBM you have a central communications repository with all supplier information gathered one place. Store anything from ad hoc messages, automatic notifications for expiring files, scheduled reminders when the supplier needs to update their information and certificates. Having supplier data centrally stored gives full transparency for all buyers who are using the same supplier.

With advanced search and filtering you can easily filter on both company data and questionnaire information. You can also conduct cross-searches on multiple attributes e.g. match a category with a certain company size or certificate. The advanced search feature offers extensive drill-down options. Create reports on any data of your choosing or continue with  further analysis in Excel.

Monitor compliance with full visibility of supplier information and activity including contracts, event history, contact information, certificates, files, communications and more. Having all supplier data readily available online with reports, notifications and flags to alert you of none-compliance.  

The SBM Dashboard offers a complete overview of all supplier activities, incl. one point of entry for all events/contracts per supplier. With the SBM Dashboard your suppliers no longer need invitation links via email, instead they can access events directly via the dashboard. Avoid event invites and contract data getting stuck in the inbox, the dashboard offers an overview of all upcoming events allowing anyone with access to the dashboard a full overview. 

Cherry-pick the information you need. Customize your integration with seamless dataflow for solutions such as ERP, eSourcing, Contract Management, Risk Management, DocuSign and P2P. 


How Our Strategic Sourcing Software Compares

We know it.  You’re looking for the best strategic sourcing platform for your business, and it requires careful consideration – and a lot of knowledge of who you chose to partner with.  

We’re trying to make it easy for you to make that decision.  Please take a look at some of the sources we would use ourselves if we had to choose a new strategic sourcing vendor for our next adventure.

See how we compare
Comparing S2C vendors

Key Benefits

Scanmarket’s Supply Base Management module helps you automate many of these time-consuming processes. Our supplier portal makes sure that suppliers self-manage their profile and keep their information up to date rather than you having to do it. The tool helps you manage everything from supplier contact data, certificates, notes, communications to customizable questionnaires, KPIs and Risk scorecards. Questionnaires can be linked with sourcing events to save you and your suppliers’ time, maintaining up to date records and avoiding duplication of work. 

The dashboard allows for extensive searching, filtering and reporting in order to find and compare the suppliers you are managing. By combining supplier self-evaluations with input from stakeholders, you get a 360° view on each supplier and their performance without having to chase your stakeholders to collect data before meeting with a supplier.

Best of all, Scanmarket’s SBM can help you reduce supplier management costs by up to 85% - by automating a lot of the admin tasks of following up on suppliers and updating information. By having up-to-date data instantly available it becomes easier to understand the complete picture of supplier performance, risks, activities, etc. thereby eliminating wasted time on decision-making processes – essentially allowing the optimal decisions to be made faster.


Compare your suppliers using predefined parameters and scoring



Full visibility into supplier contracts, history and performance



Make suppliers responsible for managing their own information



Reduce supplier management costs by up to 85%

Risk Management

Risk Management

Improve ability to respond to supply chain issues



Search and filter on both company data and questionnaire information

One source of truth for supplier information

Scanmarket Supply Base Management as Part of Your Daily Operations

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Watch our eSourcing Consultant Kärt Kukke explain the benefits of utilizing SBM to gain full visibility of all your supplier data.

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