Supply Base Management

A single, comprehensive solution for your supplier relationships

Most large organizations have tens of thousands of suppliers. It is imperative to collect, organize, maintain and share information about these suppliers to manage the risk in your supply chain.  Equally important is to empower suppliers to maintain their own information including contacts, qualifications and certifications (where you choose) so that the information used by your buyers stays current.  

Scanmarket’s Supply Base Management (SBM) solution provides a single, comprehensive solution for your supplier relationships. Whether it’s risk management, savings, 360-degree scoring/monitoring, or efficiency, Supply Base Management makes managing your supplier relationships easier allowing you to get:

  • Improved collaboration internally and externally
  • Lower annual management costs per supplier
  • Better supply incident response
  • Faster supplier on-boarding and time-to-market
  • More efficient sourcing execution
The case for tech-enabled supply base management is clear. Now there’s a solution that can help your organization take full advantage of it.
Scanmarket Supply Base Management module

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With Scanmarket Supply Base Management, you get

Key Features

  1. Supplier performance management with questionnaires, scorecards, KPI, etc. for a 360-degree supplier view
  2. Portal for suppliers to manage their own profiles including certifications, files, contract information, questionnaires, etc.
  3. Automated onboarding/registration with customizable supplier portal, offering complete buyer control and approval
  4. Communication and messaging functions, both ad-hoc and scheduled to ensure all information and attachments are updated by suppliers
  5. Advanced search, filtering and reporting for all supplier information
  6. Ongoing monitoring of compliance, sustainability and operational risks
  7. Dashboards for eSourcing events and contracts, available for all suppliers, spectators and stakeholders
  8. Operational integration with ERP and other Supplier Master Data tools
  9. Instant 24/5 Quick Call support from eSourcing experts
  10. 21 languages supported by the platform
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Key Benefits

Scanmarket’s Supply Base Management module helps you automate many of these time-consuming processes. Our supplier portal makes sure that suppliers self-manage their profile and keep their information up to date rather than you having to do it. The tool helps you manage everything from supplier contact data, certificates, notes, communications to customizable questionnaires, KPIs and Risk scorecards. Questionnaires can be linked with sourcing events to save you and your suppliers’ time, maintaining up to date records and avoiding duplication of work. 

The dashboard allows for extensive searching, filtering and reporting in order to find and compare the suppliers you are managing. By combining supplier self-evaluations with input from stakeholders, you get a 360° view on each supplier and their performance without having to chase your stakeholders to collect data before meeting with a supplier.

Best of all, Scanmarket’s SBM can help you reduce supplier management costs by up to 85% - by automating a lot of the admin tasks of following up on suppliers and updating information. By having up-to-date data instantly available it becomes easier to understand the complete picture of supplier performance, risks, activities, etc. thereby eliminating wasted time on decision-making processes – essentially allowing the optimal decisions to be made faster.


Speed assessment, qualification and on-boarding of suppliers


Full visibility into supplier contracts, history and performance


Make suppliers responsible for managing their own information


Reduce supplier management costs by up to 85%

Risk Management

Improve ability to respond to supply chain issues

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