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Scanmarket's Supplier Database is a great opportunity for you to present your company to new potential customers and gain new business.

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Scanmarket's client base of 300+ global companies consists of a wide range of industries that purchase goods and services across a host of categories:

• Groceries & non-food for supermarkets
• Marketing materials & services
• IT equipment
• Office supplies & furniture
• Service agreements (all from temporary labor and cleaning to construction and consultancy)
• Packaging materials
• Ingredients for food production
• Iron & metals
• Freight & transportation
• Electrical & telecommunication equipment
• Vehicles

And many more...

Every year, over $15 Billion is sourced via the Scanmarket platform. Best of all, buyers who source suppliers from Scanmarket's supplier database have already made a decision to purchase, so you are not dealing with window shoppers but buyers who are actively seeking quotations.

To become part of this sourcing community, you only need to fill out a supplier profile and- questionnaire providing general information about your company and the products and services you provide. Adding multiple categories and capabilities will allow you to highlight your offerings and improve your chances of being selected to participate in a new opportunity. 

Once your registration has been approved, you will receive an email with a link for creating your login, enabling you to log in and update your information at any time.

Do you want to maximize your resources, reduce selling costs, and expand your business?

Suppliers Register Here