ROI is important, but it rarely delivers all of the desired results. At Scanmarket, we work with our customers to get to the core business problem (or business opportunity) and help you solve it (or leverage it).

We are a team of highly skilled and experienced business professionals and strategic sourcing consultants working together with your team, both executive and operational, to:

  • Understand the problem that needs to be solved (or the opportunity that can be leveraged)
  • Understand the impact of status quo and accomplishing the objective will have on the business
  • Understand how executive management and operational leadership will define and track program success
  • Jointly build a plan to deliver on those key performance indicators
  • Work closely to make certain the right resources are marshaled to adequately address the issue and achieve (or, better still, surpass) the targeted results
  • Work hand-in-hand with your team to measure progress and help you communicate success back to executive management
  • Look for additional opportunities to help you accelerate your success
"Customers consistently see significant increases in Sourcing events (Current average - 301%) and Contracts under management (Current average - 104%)."
— Ole Nielsen, Scanmarket Founder, Scanmarket NA

This enables our customers to deliver:

  • More Sourcing Event Volume
  • More Contracts with Fully Vetted Vendors
  • More Spend Captured
  • More Spend Under Management
  • More Savings Identified & Realized
  • Better Transparency
  • Better Efficiency
  • Better Compliance
  • Lower Risk

The graphs below represent actual customer results, comparing sourcing event throughput of their previous sourcing solutions (grey shade) to their throughput use the Scanmarket platform (red shade).