Scanmarket’s eAuction Booklet provides a framework for utilizing eAuctions as a negotiation method. 

Do you want to boost your strategic and tactical knowledge and run successful eAuctions?

For the price of EUR 29 / USD 35 you will receive 67 pages of eAuction theory and best practices in hard copy format.

NOTE: The relevance of the booklet is not limited to any certain situation, category or organization. On the contrary, it is highly applicable prior to and during any electronic negotiation.

The eAuction Booklet consists of two parts:

  1. General eAuction Theory
  2. Best Practice execution of eAuctions


  • Successful execution of an eAuction requires thorough eAuction knowledge, a rigorous suitability analysis, and a solid strategy.
  • With the eAuction Booklet we aim to broadly promote a common understanding of the eAuction Best Practices required to conduct a successful eAuction.


  • This foundation will bring the eAuction manager up to speed with the important definitions, common practices, and available event types.
  • The practical eAuction process will enable thorough and efficient execution of virtually any negotiation via an eAuction.


Please fill out the form to your right and we will send you a hard copy of your own eAuction booklet along with an invoice.


“One of the great pleasures of having been a leader in the eSourcing space for so long is the opportunity to help, and learn from, our customers.

Over the last fifteen years, we at Scanmarket have learned that the most important factor in the success of an eSourcing program is the proper selection, preparation and execution of events.

In order to help your organization deliver the best results, we have compiled much of our collective experience into an eAuction Booklet. It should provide your team with all the “How-To’s” and, just as importantly, the “Why’s” they need to select, build and execute successful eSourcing projects.

As always, thank you for the opportunity you have given us at Scanmarket to help your organization drive real, meaningful business results.”

Betina Nygaard
CEO, Scanmarket A/S