Better Strategies = Better Auctions

Sucessful execution of eAuctions requires in-depth eAuction knowledge, a consistent suitability analysis, and a solid strategy. Scanmarket’s eAuction Strategy Workshop provides a framework for utilizing eAuctions as a negotiation method and aims to broadly promote a common understanding of best practices required to conduct successful eAuctions and drive real, meaningful business results.

New to Scanmarket or eSourcing? Have a look at our eSourcing workshop where main focus is a thorough platform introduction.



Key Learnings

  • Introduction to general eAuction theory: eAuction use, benefits and eAuction types
  • Suitability analysis: Key elements in evaluating eAuction suitability and eAuction competitiveness
  • Format and strategy selection: Choose the right auction type and most suitable functionalities
  • eAuction creation: Communicating with suppliers and setting up the auction
  • Supplier training: How to prepare and condition your suppliers prior to an auction
  • Live auction: Checklist for auction monitoring and strategic messaging during the auction
  • In-depth knowledge on all strategical aspects when conducting eAuctions and how to setup your auction according to best practice
  • Focus on process optimization and embedding eAuction use in your sourcing activity

Key Takeaways and Handouts

  • Communication templates for all the different eAuction types and scenarious
  • Significant time spent on case work in groups and discussing cases
  • Role play where participants interact as suppliers versus buyers and run through different scenarios that can be experienced when running a LIVE auction.
  • Excel tools:
    • Interactive Suitability analysis to support your category work
    • Interactive Market competition analysis to support price analysis and choice of auction type
  • eAuction booklet in hard copy format
    • 67 pages of eAuction theory and best practices - that will help you memorize your leanings and takeaways

Practical Information

The main focus of the workshop is on process and strategy and apply to more experienced users who are familiar with the technical side of the Scanmarket system and know how to navigate and set up events.

The workshop is managed by our experienced Senior eSourcing Consultants and will be held in English.

Price: 549 EUR / 495 GBP / 4050 DKK

If you are interested in this workshop, please contact your Account manager at Scanmarket.