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Introducing 48 Hour eSourcing Implementation Time

Date posted: Mar 30, 2020
Estimated read: 3 min

Unlike the majority of IT procurement systems, the Scanmarket platform is as close to a plug 'n play solution as they come.

A typical implementation process can take a few weeks from contract signature to managing the first eSourcing event. However, as a consequence of the current global crisis, we have worked hard to optimize every part of our implementation process and can now deliver implementation in just 48 hours!

No Demand for Extensive Integration

Scanmarket is a “Best of Breed” solution that can easily be used in conjunction with other “Best of Breed” solutions via APIs or full integration. However, the Scanmarket platform can also be used as a stand-alone platform, allowing you to pick and choose the modules most relevant to your business. This flexibility has a significant impact on the implementation process, as the implementation can be completed in waves, allowing full focus on the most critical module(s) first.

It is important to note that the initial deselection of a module, or simply a functionality doesn't mean this cannot be added once the launch phase of the most critical modules has settled.

A Dedicated and Experienced Implementation Duo

All Scanmarket customers are assigned a Customer Success Manager and a Project Manager, this happens at contract signature at the latest. It is then their joint responsibility to guide you through the implementation process and get you up and running in the most efficient manner. This approach ensures a speedy yet thorough implementation process.

  • The Project Manager has in-depth knowledge of the actual implementation project and process.
  • The Customer Success Manager has in-depth knowledge about the post-implementation work needed to secure long-term success and ROI.

A Solid Implementation Process

During our +20 years of experience, Scanmarket has developed a proven best-in-class implementation process with the following phases, each of which contains a set of well-defined milestones and deliverables.

  • Phase 1: Project kick-off
  • Phase 2: Customer requirement definition
  • Phase 3: System configuration
  • Phase 4: Training
  • Phase 5: System launch

During the first two phases we focus on outlining:

  1. Which system elements are configurable
  2. What the Best-in-class configurations are

This allows you to quickly decide which elements to configure and whether you want to adopt the best-in-class configuration or development your own bespoke configuration.

Read more details on our Implementation process here.

Best-in-Class Implementation Materials Package

Another key factor in reducing implementation time is finding the perfect balance between an 'off-the-shelf' configuration and a bespoke configuration. By making best practice materials such as templates, questionnaires, guidelines, and checklists available to customers, the implementation process can be kick-started. Together with the Implementation and Account Manager, you are able to quickly adapt templates to meet your organization’s specific requirements.

A Wide Range of Training Webinars

A final, but less important, element of any implementation, is the training of end users. At Scanmarket, we offer a wide range of training options, each caters to different purposes, for example: 

  • End user's experience with online procurement tools
  • The organization’s geographical spread
  • Time-criticality of the training

We offer a wide range of workshops and online training sessions, tailored to your needs. 

Additionally, we offer module configuration Webinars that offer super-users a quick walk-through of how to configure specific modules. Finally, we have our unique Project Based Learning Program, where the users are trained via their own live sourcing event.

All this combined ensures all users are fully trained and have an in-depth knowledge of how to use the Scanmarket system while gaining valuable experience from conducting their own live events at the same time.

Glenn S.Danielsen

About the author

Glenn S. Danielsen
Director of Strategic Alliances

Glenn is a relationship builder who creates strong commercial alliances with customers, thereby maintaining and improving the overall relationships. From March 2017 until June 2019, Glenn Danielsen was responsible for North America sales activities and for turning new potential leads into customers.

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